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My Journey

I was brought up in a very loving home and was very active in the Southern Baptist Church where the idea of psychic abilities would be strongly criticized and condemned.

Happily married at the age of 19, we eventually had 4 beautiful boys and I was very busy being a wife and mom. Suddenly, at the age of 34 , I started seeing Spirit … and it terrified me. I was hospitalized and treated for mental illness and extreme anxiety. It was a very confusing and difficult time for my family and me.

Miraculously, as Spirit does, a woman who also had psychic gifts was brought into my life. She defined and helped me to understand what I was experiencing. It would be several years before I actually was able to use it to help people.

Through continued education and experience I now have an understanding and appreciation of how this works and now consider it a true gift from God. I love helping people to connect with loved ones and to get the messages they need to hear.

Our connections never end with our loved ones – they are always a breath away. Often, they will bring you and I together so that they can get their messages to you!

My hope is that you have been brought to my website for a reason and that I am able help you connect and heal.

~ Deidre


Your Visit

What to Expect

During your session I will tap into Spirit and communicate information such as names, shared memories, reasons for passing and unique information that is only relatable to the person in Spirit. The information given is with such clarity that there is no doubt of the validity which builds the true essence of Spirit.

Spirit gives us what we need to hear.






  • 1/2 hour session  —  $60
  • 1 hour session — $100

Sessions available Saturday & Sunday

10:00am – 5:00pm EST

“Those who don’t believe in magic
will never find it.”
~ Rhonald Dahl


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